The Rankein Partnership

The Rankein Scale Partnership is dedicated to improving the quality of care in health and social care by providing a robust and effective online selection tool to assist in recruiting and retaining the best candidates.

We recognise that attracting and selecting individuals who can consistently provide compassionate care in challenging circumstances is a complex process and there are no foolproof methods for always selecting the best people. We are confident, however, that the Rankein Scale will help in making better decisions regarding new candidates and recruits and will also assist in identifying problems in existing students and staff in order for these problems to be managed.

The Partners

Bob RankinDr Bob Rankin has worked for almost thirty years as a Senior Lecturer in nurse education. He has had a particular interest in the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and the quality of clinical practice and his doctoral research found a significant correlation between student nurses’ emotional intelligence and the quality of their performance while in practice placements.

This research led to further work which involved emotional intelligence assessments that were used in selecting student nurses for their degree programmes. The Rankein Scale has developed from this research and Bob is fully committed to using the Scale to enhance the quality of care in as many contexts as possible. Contact:

Martin LaidlawFrom 1980-96 Martin Laidlaw was a senior social and economic policy advisor in local government. 1997-2014 saw him spend his career in the Further Education sector in Senior Management as Head of Academic School for Community Learning and Business Development. His particular focus was on offender learning, employability, enterprise, management, social care, community development and essential skills.

He developed a particular interest in the quality of education and learning relating the employment outcomes for students to teaching practice. This along with a keen interest in positive and cooperative self-management led him into investigating EI approaches for leadership, recruitment and professional development. He strongly endorses The Rankein Scale as it offers a unique opportunity for employers to recruit the best staff and for individuals to make well informed career decisions. Contact:,

Gillian NinehamGillian Nineham has been a publisher for almost thirty years, primarily producing books, videos, educational programmes and online resources for health and social care professionals. Many of these have focused on improving the quality of care provided and enhancing the personal and professional development and wellbeing of those providing it. She is a trustee of two care-related charities, Sobell House Hospice Charity and the Men’s Health Forum and was previously a Non-Executive Director of a Primary Care Trust.

Gillian first became interested in Emotional Intelligence when she published ‘Emotional Intelligence in Health and Social Care - improving human relationships’, a book to which Bob Rankin contributed a chapter. She believes that the rankein scale has enormous potential to change significantly the quality of how people are cared for and the job satisfaction of those caring for them. Contact:

71 percent of employers value emotional intelligence over IQ.

Careerbuilder Website

If you are tuned out of your own emotions, you will be poor at reading them in other people

Daniel Goleman

It is your emotional intelligence that enables you to identify, acknowledge and deal with your emotions appropriately and professionally

Nisa Chitakasem, Founder of Position Ignition Careers Consultancy