Rankein Scale - for individuals

You want a career as a healthcare professional and are applying to nursing or medical school. You have an excellent academic record and feel that you have the right qualities to meet the challenges that you expect to face on a daily basis when caring for patients. You can easily prove your academic achievements but how can you be sure that you do have the other capabilities that the school selection panel is looking for? How can you demonstrate this during the selection process to enhance the prospect of your application being successful?

One of the key characteristics required to provide compassionate care is Emotional Intelligence (EI). People with EI recognise the emotional needs of others and their own emotional capabilities - essential components of being an outstanding health professional.

The Rankein Scale is a measure of EI that will let you know whether you have the right capabilities to work in the healthcare sector. On completion of the Scale, you will instantly receive your score and a full personal report that can be downloaded and retained in your CV. Academic institutions’ selection panels and prospective employers will be very interested in this evidence as it can be used to support your application and provide objective information to assist them in their selection. The report also offers guidance on how to improve any scores that are below average.

The Rankein Scale could boost your chance of success in applications and at interview so why not take advantage of this opportunity to prove to yourself and to others that you have the right qualities to be a success in the healthcare sector?

71 percent of employers value emotional intelligence over IQ.

Careerbuilder Website

If you are tuned out of your own emotions, you will be poor at reading them in other people

Daniel Goleman

It is your emotional intelligence that enables you to identify, acknowledge and deal with your emotions appropriately and professionally

Nisa Chitakasem, Founder of Position Ignition Careers Consultancy